What is the prognosis for people living with constant everyday generalized anxiety disorder?

Controllable. . This disease is treatable with cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) and with medications such as the ssris( prozac, lexapro, (escitalopram) zoloft, celexa, etc). It may ir may not entirely go away but with dedication to treatment, your life will be full and enjoyable. An important piece is a trusted relationship with your doctor.
Anxiety. Anxiety can be damaging if affecting our daily functioning, that leads to avoiding activities that can determine our success in the long run. There is not one factor that can affect prognosis. Best will be to discuss with you psych the treatment that can take away the anxiety with therapy and meds.

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What are the causes of generalized anxiety disorder?

Genes & Environment. Complex process: research suggests that part i of gad is a heritable, but nonspecific tendency to manifest an emotional disorder. However, a psychological vulnerability, stress due to life events, the process of anxiety across multiple domains are also required for worry to be the predominant coping mechanism. See barlow (2002) anxiety and is disorders for a beautiful, research supported overview. Read more...