What can cause brain atrophy diagnosis at 34 during MRI for ms. I suffer from short term memory loss, can this be caused from the atrophy?

Brain atrophy. I am sorry to hear about the memory problems. This is common in multiple sclerosis and yes, it correlates with the brain atrophy. Available therapy may help in slowing down the degree of progressive atrophy it occurs in ms. New data presented by Gilenya (fingolimod) (fingilimod) suggest it helps in this particular problem. Donepezil may help the symptoms of memory problems. Memantine is not recommended in ms.
Not uncommon. Brain atrophy not uncommon, as at least 65% of all ms pts will develop some cognitive problems, but important to emphasize that some medications can control and maybe reverse. The oral med Gilenya (fingolimod) may be a good choice for you, as atrophy data best on market to date(but "off label" currently). My colleagues across the country have had best symptom relief with generic galantamine. Hope it works.