I'm hospitalized for kidney infection, and on oxygen as blood saturation is around 80, normally 97-99. Could my infection or complications cause this?

Additional Concern. Are you sure about the diagnosis of a kidney infection. Pulmonary renal syndromes; wegener's gn, goodpastures, cause pulmonary hemorrhage (bleeding) and present with lung disease and kidney failure. Also, 10-20 % of patients with kidney infections seed the blood stream with bacteria and you can develop infections outside of the kidney. Finally, ards, a lung disease can develop in very ill pts.
Sounds like. Severe vitamin b1 deficiency. This vitamin has an important part in picking up oxygen from the lung and delivering it to the tissues. Ask for a venous oxygen level and if it is high, it means that oxidation (use of oxygen by the tissues) is also poor and is characteristic of b1 def.