Something showing on left lung on chest xray doc said could be infection have to have CT scan no symptoms except pain in left shoulder blade been ther?

Continue evaluation. Any lesion detected in the lung by imaging studies should be followed up by further detailed imaging, like ct scanning, etc. Then there may be a need for bronchoscopy with transbroncial biopsy, trans thoracic biopsy or even open surgery if necessary. But one step at a time. It sounds like you have an excellent doctor who is proceeding methodically to establish an accurate diagnosis.
More workup needed. A chest xray is a screening tool. If the abnormality cannot be easily explained (recent pneumonia, for example) and if the abnormality does not resolve on short interval (several weeks) followup chest x-ray, then further evaluation with a chest ct is warranted.
Chronic. It sounds like there is a mass that could be concerning for chronic infection; the next step is indeed to better visualize it to see whether it is consistent with infection, or malignancy, or other disease process. Good luck!

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