Chronic sinusitis for yrs with pink-eye-like symptoms/eye pressure for 3 mos. After CT one ENT says surgery now! 2nd ENT says stronger drugs. Which?

Cannot advise. Without seeing the films and having your full medical history it is impossible to intelligently provide an answer. If you have had this for years and have not been able to resolve it, eradication seems unlikely with medication alone. There may be other alternatives to full surgery. Get a third opinion or discuss at length with the two doctors who differ.
Third opinion. Chronic sinus disease is difficult to treat and some ENT mds feel that surgery in their opinion, helps clean the sinuses out better than several courses of antibiotics. As for your eyes chronic conjunctivitis, i'd rec. That you have an eye exam too. There may be some comforting and treatable solutions for this (& no surgery). If you feel hesitant with surgery, tell him/her and kindly ask for 3rd.
Chronic sinusitis. Surgery is permanent, and in not so good ahnds u can have residual problems. Best to try meds first.