I hav server pain in my left leg, from my pelvic down goin past my knee. I have trouble walkin ect. I've have had 2 back surgeries with screws and rods?

FBSS. Your condition is called fbss (failed back surgery syndrome). This is essentially nerve pain. If you already tried medications, physical therapy, holistic approaches, and they were not helpful, spinal cord stimulation may be a treatment of choice.
Injections may help. Is this pain new? There before surgery? If new, there could be additional problems with the same disc or neighboring discs in the spine. If pain persisted after surgery, nerve damage or entrapment could explain the issue. If new, spinal injections could help now, but if not, additional surgery is somtimes needed. Ask your doctor if a new MRI is warrented.
Back pain. The pain in your legs may be due to a problem in your back. There are options for you including medication and interventions which may help relieve your pain. Contact a pain specialist.