I have had two back surgeries on my L4/L5. I had screws and rods placed in 2004. I live in pain everyday. I have pain in left leg and can't walk on it much. What should Ido?

Further evaluation. Before considering a spinal cord stimulator, it is very important that a complete evaluation be done to make sure there are no underlying structural problems that could be addressed. If thereis nothing else, then a spinal cord stimulator would possibly help.
Spinal Cord Stim. When a patient has failed to respond to all forms of treatment, including surgical intervention, they may be a candidate for advanced techniques, such as spinal cord stimulation. This is where a catheter is placed in the spine to electrically interfere with the pain signals coming from your back. Talk with your doctor about a referral to discuss those options.
Back pain. Pain after back surgery is very common. There are treatment options for you including medication, spinal cord stimulation, and behavioral techniques to help cope with your pain. It is in your best interests to see a pain physician who uses a multidisciplinary or integrative approach to the treatment of pain.
See pain specialist. There are many options available. Spinal cord stimulation is one option but i would suggest seeing a pain specialist first to be evaluated.