What are some reasons for sternal pain?

Usually Musculoskele. Sternal pain is usually musculoskeletal. If you are concerned with "chest pain", call 911 immediately. Ms CP is usually due to inflammation of the cartilage attaching the ribs to the sternum. This itreated with posture, heat or ice, anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen and rest. If continued, see your pcp for further evaluaiton and treatment.

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I've got retro sternal pain since 6mnths. X ray& ECG reveals normal what could b the reason? I was suffreing from vit D3 deficiency also....

Multiple. Heartburn is the most common cause of this; try zantac (ranitidine) & avoid spicy foods. I'm glad that your heart has checked out and your chest x-ray was normal. This could be esophageal spasm. One funny/strange cause in women with large breasts is the stabbing of underwire bras straight into the sternum - that may make it feel like you're having a heart attack! See your fp to investigate other possibilities!
Several things. Could be related to esophagus - acid reflux common. Reflux more likely with smoking, sodas, lying down right after eating, pregnancy), you might notice acid or metal taste in mouth in am when you awaken. If pain goes to back, this could be your aorta (needs quick check up - risk higher with high BP and atherosclerosis - usually older people).