How to treat petrol in eyes?

Flush with water. Flush your eyes with water or eye irrigant immediately and do this for 15 minutes. If you have trouble with vision or continued symptoms, go to the nearest er immediately. More likely than not you will have just an irritation but one can not be too cautious with chemicals in the eye. Burns can occure from alkaline or acidic substances. There can be long term consequences. Get seen.
Irrigate your eyes. Irrigate your eyes with water for at least 10 min. Then see your ophthalmologist asap to ensure that you didn't give your self a corneal abrasion or chemical burn.
Chemical Injury. Be sure you have thoroughly flushed out your eyes with tap water or saline (if available). Then just use artifiacail tears available over the counter 3-4 x a day for 3-4 days. If not better in 1-2 days see your ophthalmologist.
Rinse-water & see dr. Rinse, rinse, rinse- with water or sterile saline! Then see your ophthalmologist to check for damage and need for further treatment.