Whats better for diagnosing pancreatic cancer.... Ct scan or mri? I've had normal ultrasound and CT scan with contrast. Still worried.

Why worried? Why are you worried? Do you have symptoms or abnormal labs? If the ct was normal and used a specific pancreas protocol, then an MRI of the pan creas may be the best next test. Since it does not use radiation, there is little risk for you.
Similar. Many articles in the medical littérature shows that ct scan and MRI are very similar in their ability to detect pancreatic cancer. For any particular tumor or patient, one technique could do better than the other, but overall they are close. Some articles have shown an advantage for MRI to find small, subtle tumors and in finding metastases (spread) to the liver if present.
Why worry. In answer to your question, i don't believe an MRI has any advantage over ct for pancreas lesions. You've had a normal u/s and a normal ct, so why are you concerned about a process that is rarely seen in folks your age? If a lesion is seen on ct, the best test for evaluation is an endoscopic ultrasound with biopsy. Don't waste your life worried about what could develop.. Good luck.

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Whats better for diagnosing pancreatic cancer? Ct scan or mri? 34yr male. I've had normal ultrasound and CT scan with contrast. Still worried.

CT, ERCP, MRCP. Thin-slice (3 mm) ct abdomen yields fine detail of pancreatic structures... Blood tests including tumor markers: ca-19-9, ca-15-3, and cea can alert the clinician for ca. Also, ERCP w/ ductal brushings (though its endoscopy) can search for malignancy. Finally, mrcp may add to the clinical picture, but 64-bit ct is slowly encroaching on the former's superiority. Read more...

I am still so anxious about having pancreatic cancer. My lipase levels have fluctuated slightly over the past year - from 1 to 20 points over the reference range. I've had normal ultrasound and CT scan. Dr seems to think it's just me. But why??

Reference range. Reference range or normal values are derived by taking the central 95% of the levels in "healthy" people. Therefore, by definition, 5% of the "healthy" people have a level outside the reference range, without having any disease. Quit worrying about pancreatic cancer and your lipase level. For good health - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Drink enough water daily, so that your urine is mostly colorless. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sex. Read more...
Lipase barely high. 33 F anxious re pancreatic CA. Notes lipase has fluctuated slightly 1 yr. 1 to 20 points over norm. US&CT scan OK. Dr seems to think it's just me. ANS: I agree with Dr. Norm means 95% of normals are in n range but 5% aren't. Suspect you are in the 2.5% upper. All lab tests can vary 10% day to day. So if ur reading is 200 then expect it to vary by 20. Recommend u worry about other things. Read more...