I just got a homemade tattoo 9 weeks ago, it looks a bit wrinkly & u can feel some of the parts of the letters. Getting laser removal, will I be scarred?

Not scarred... But you may not be able to get full removal of the tattoo as well. Home-grown tattoos may not come out as well as a professional tattoo since the ink may be deposited at different levels in the skin. The type of pigment also impacts the 'erasability.' a doctor with experience in tattoo removal will be able to give you an idea of how much improvement you can get.
Possibly. Yes it is quite possible that you will sustain scarring. This is due to the darker deposition of pigment that may cause deep dermal scarring when absorbing the laser energy.
Most likely. Ammature tattoos tend to be more sensitive to laser therapy due to poor ink and uneven layering of the ink in your skin. A tattoo placed with a real machine have a very even layering of ink in your dermis. If you used a needle only then you have ink sometimes in the dermis sometimes in the epidermis. THe proper laser would be less likely to scar but your placement may have created a scar.
Depends. Homemade tattoos can be difficult to remove even with a laser as the pigment can be placed at different depths. Be sure to see someone who has experience with lasers for tattoo removal. It will take multiple treatments and even then may not completely resolve problem.
I'll answer that w. Another question: how could you possibly worried about it if you consented to a homemade tatoo? You maybe having an inflammatory response that could possibly subside. Any type of tatoo removal leaves scar. It's possible Mederma or keeping paper tape or silicone sheeting on might help.
Bad choice. Homemade tatoos are irregular in their depth and very difficult to remove well. Scarring is possible with aggressive lasering.
Some pain. You will experience some pain during your tattoo removal with laser. Depending on the size of the tattoo you might be able to have topical or local anesthesia.