If you had radiation treatnent 6 yrs ago would that make a lot of static coming off your body I can see sparks coming off my body when I take clothes?

No. Radiation does not have any effect on this. During the winter with dry air in your home the shuffling of socks on carpet and the friction of your clothes creates static electricity. When you touch a metallic object it discharges and you feel and hear the discharge. Static electricity is created like when you rub a balloon on your hair.
Radiation and static. No radiation has no effect on static electricity. That has more to do with the type of clothing yo wear, the composition of your carpets, and the humidity.
No. External beam radiation therapy would not make sparks come off your body.
No. You are only creating static by rubbing against other materials creating electrical charges. This has nothing to do with your radialtion.
No. Radiotherapy passes through your body, it leaves damage and destruction at times to tissues it passes through or where it focused. There is no "radiation" in your body 6 years later, unless you had radiotherapy sources implanted, and eve then, you would not have been allwoed to leave a contrlled environment if you were still "hot.".
No. Static electricity is related to ambient temperature and humidity and the degree of your skin moisture not to prior radiation treatment. While many people think that "they will glow in the dark" after radiation, this is not true. Radiation is an electromagnetic phenomenon, but the electric field cannot be separated from the magnetic field to make one electric or magnetic.