How do you get rid of penis papils?

Good quesiton. You are more than likely referring to fox-fordyce granules or perarly papules of the penis. These are benigh white papules around the rim of the glans penis. They may be unsightly to you but are not a problem. It is somethiing you shold discuss with a urologist or dermatologist at length. They may refuse to do anything regarding this since it would be cosmetic and could injury you.
CO2 Laser. The first thing to do is to get a consultation with a dermatologist or urologist to be completely sure of the diagnosis of ppp (pearly penile papules). Treatment is cosmetic only since, according to current knowledge, this condition is not harmful. I have been using the co2 laser to successfully treat ppp for several years now. The treatment works very well and I have never had a problem.
Penis papules. Removal of penis papules will depend on what is causing them. Penile warts can be treated with medications which will cause them to regress. If the papules are ingrown hairs, careful removal of the hairs, exfoliation or treatment of inflammation can help. If the papules are cysts, then usually surgical removal is needed. See your doctor to find out which will help.