Is it goin to be hard to conceive with an irregular cycle?

Depends. I think alot of women report irregular cycles that truly are not irregular. Most women's cycles will vary by as much as 7 days form month to month. If your cycles are between 21-35 days each month you are most likely ovulatory and chances of conception are good. If your cycles are more irregular- ie vary every 35-120 days then you will most likely have trouble conceiving--see a fertility doc.
May or may not. I see a lot of women who come to me being pregnant and yet report history of irregular cycles. Theoretically it may sound like it may be hard to get pregnant since you cannot project the day of ovulation and you may not have sex every day, however, if you have sex at least 3 times a week, i think your odds to get pregnant are high even if your cycle is irregular.