How di u know u hsve sleep apnea?

Tape yourself . The easiest way to determine whether you have sleep apnea is to take a tape recorder and tape your sleep at night. The next day rewind and listen to see if you snore and have your irregular respirations. If there is a pause and you hear some gasping that is sleep apnea. At that point you should have sleep study which will confirm the diagnosis. Good luck and well wishes.
Snoring. Being tired all the time, wake up in the morning and you still feel tired.
Sleep study. You might suspect it based on certain symptoms, but you will only find out if you have a sleep study done.
Tiring. Sleep apnea makes you very tired during the day. You'd nod off while reading or watching television. You may awaken a few times overnight, but the majority of symptoms are actually during the day. You'd snore as you sleep, and might awaken to urinate or have nightmares. A sleep study would confirm/deny the clinical suspicion.
Sleep apnea. Hello. You will need to have a sleep study or polysomnogram for confirmation. Your doctor can order this study. A home study is easy and accurate. Good luck.
Many symptoms. The most obvious sign is if someone witnesses you stop breathing and then wake up on a regular basis while you are asleep. Other things that may tip you off to the diagnosis: snoring, sore throat or very dry mouth in the morning, morning headache, or extreme fatigue during the day despite adequate sleep. A sleep study will provide a definitive diagnosis.