Whats a good way to defeat soreness?

Short rest. Soreness is the body's response to physical activity which it is not accustomed too. It generally disappears over time, with a short period of resting the involved muscle. If its severe, low dose anti inflammatory meds and icing can help. If part of an exercise regimen, resume the activity in a few days, so u can continue to strengthen the muscle and prevent soreness in the future.
Define it first. What is the cause of the soreness? Where is the soreness? What helps it? What makes it worse? Do you have swelling? Do you have other medical problems? Do you exercise? Are you a good sleeper? Are you under stress? Do you take medications? Drug? Drink? Other? Each of these categories include problems that can suggest your diagnosis and then your correct therapy.
Why do you have it. You need to define what is meant by soreness a nd then evaluate why you have it. There can be many reasons: joint, muscles, tendons, bursas, ligaments, etc once your physician can clearly define your problem that this opens up opportunites to decide how to treat you. It could be exercise programs, sleep evaluation, medications or other. It could be fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis.