I have an enlarged liver, spleen, gallstones and an ovarian cyst. Will be going for a breast biopsy because the dr's found something. Cancer?

Unkown. Your liver problem has nothing to do with the breast. Impossible to predict the biopsy result without seeing mammogram , ultrasound etc.
The probability. of a suspicious lesion seen on imaging being a cancer depends on various imaging features. It can range from 3-99%, so it is impossible to tell how likely yours is to be malignant without more information. Across the board, about 75% of biopsies turn out benign. The level of suspicion is summarized in the BIRADS code at the end of the report.
Usually not. Those other issues have nothing to do with your chance of having breast cancer. At 35, luckily breast cancer is unusual. Also most biopsies are benign. A lot depends upon your risk factors like family history...