How to get rid of pain on my neck?

Insufficient info. You have not provided information about yourself, age , sex, occupation, issues exasperating or relieving the pain, how long, any rash etc. If the pain has persisted more than two weeks, see a doctor.

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How do I get rid of pain in my neck, from painting the ceiling?

Neck pain. The best way i can think of is to pull a "tom sawyer" and get someone else to paint the ceiling! sound like a simple positional thing that should go away on its own fairly quickly. Massage, heat and otc drugs like Ibuprofen and tylenol (acetaminophen) might help. If it doesn't get better after a couple of days i would go see your primary care doctor. Read more...

How can I get rid of the pain below my neck that's in the middle of my shoulder blades?

Multiple Things. Many sources can result in referred pain to the shoulder blade. Along with the neurogenic sources like cervical (c6 for example) and the suprascapular nerve, we also see many patients with occult shoulder pathology have referred pain to this area. Patients who are very flexible can also have occult shoulder instability refer pain to this area. Read more...