Headache nausea back pain and dizziness. What could these symptoms be?

Check medications. Please check through all your medications and find out the side effects of these medications. Many medications can sometimes give rise to problems similar to what you are describing. Make sure that you see an internist and get some blood work done to assess if you have any ongoing infections or diseases of internal organs or whether you have a back or neck problem that can bring out such symptom.

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28yo Headache, nausea, sudden severe leg bone pain, dizzy, back pain #4days. Tests = 8RBC urine (hazy), 98platelets, 3.1WBC, 0.8ANC, 3.3potsm. Means?

Systemic illness. Such presentation requires further workup and very close follow-up by a medical doctor. Head imaging at least with a CT scan is required for workup of headache, nausea, dizziness, in setting of thrombocytopenia. This constellation can be caused by many things usually infectious or oncologic.Medication history is important. Bone marrow biopsy and imaging for lytic lesions. Read more...