What could cause an increase heart rate even w no activity with a 23 yr old?

Many things. Many things can cause tachycardia: medications, lack of medications, street drugs, withdrawal from drugs, hormone problems, infections, stress, pain, life, heart disease, blood clot in lungs, deconditioning, dehydrations, normal variant...See your doctor to have the cause individually explored and treated as necessary. Good luck.

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What's heart rate suppose to be while walking around the house mine goes to 100, with slight activity it goes to 100-115 is that too high? 27 yr old 117 pounds with no heart issues.

This depends. On your resting heart rate and your fitness level. It is on the higher side but but not necessarily concerning high particularly if a "sinus tachycardia". But this may suggest that your fitness level is suboptimal and that you may need to work on your conditioning. If you have symptoms with a higher heart rate like palpitations or lightheadedness, review this with your doc. Read more...

What can cause sudden confusion and an increased heart rate in a 16 year old?

Many possibilities. Certainly medications and drugs can cause that combination of change. Also seizures can cause sudden confusion and elevated heart rate. Read more...