I'm 34 and I've been getting chest pains over my heart. What could be wrong?

Chest pain. Chest pain is not necessarily from the heart. To clarify the cause you need to see a dr., there are many possibilities, many of them benign.

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Can gas get stuck in your esophagus and cause it to expand and cause chest pain? Or is this acid reflux all test done on heart & nothing is wrong.

Absolutely. Food and air can get stuck going down esophagus, and cause a severe chest pain that is relieved by burping or swallowing something. Also reflux of stomach acid into esophagus can cause a burning chest pain that is usually relieved with antacids. Esophageal spasm causes severe chest pain, it is usually provoked by severe reflux. Check out my website http://CardioGauge. Com for heart health education.

Could I be in risk of a heart attack if I get chest pains? I'm 26 yrs of age male

Could be. Although the majority of heart issues are in the more advanced age category as it is that population with high cholesterol, hypertension (high blood pressure) and more risk factors- there are some younger patients that can have cardiac issues. Most of these patients have a undiagnosed congenital heart problem. See your physician for a history and physical to be sure.
Probably not. The chances of a heart attack is very very small in a 26 y/o. The only people younger than 40 I've operated on for blocked arteries have been either morbidly obese, smokers, poorly controlled diabetics, or combination. Also a couple with radiation damage from rad. Treatment for cancers in the chest. There's inherited super high cholesterol but rare 1 in a million for double gene type (most severe).

What is causing me to get chest pains around my heart area?

More info. Chest pain can have many causes.. Coronary artery disease, chest wall pain, acid reflux, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis etc. I don't have any info about you. Seek a good primary care doctor for a good history and physical and start searching for a cause asap.

I have chest pains. But not like heart related I don't think. I get small points of pain all over chest. Go away when rubbed. What are they?

Poss fibromyalgia. Point tenderness at various locations might indicate musculoskeletal causes although if this becomes recurrent consider costochondritic inflammation or fibromyalgia trigger points of inflammation.
Usually benign. Small points of well localized pain in the chest usually do not represent a significant problem (and very rarely a heart problem), especially in a 19 yr old. Many conditions can cause such pains - the most common is inflammation of the junction of the ribs and cartilage, but many other possiblities exist.
Likely non cardiac. Atypical pain like this in someone with no risk factors is rarely cardiac. Likely a neuropathy of some kind.
Chest pain. Thats a difficult questions, need more information about associated symptoms like sweating, dizziness, radiation of chest pain to arms or neck, etc. If you are concerned see your primary doc and undergo a risk factor evaluation for cardiac disease, depending on further review of your symptoms and risk factors, your doc may decide for you to undergo cardiac stress tests.
Muskuloskeletal. Sounds like a muscle soreness you are able to help by rubbing.
Muscular. Muscular pain in the chest wall is common. The joint of the bony rib with the cartilage is often responsible for moderate pain.

I get chest pains frequently and a bubbling sensation in my heart area. Sometimes I even get the feeling that someone has knocked the wind out of me and I have blacked out. What could this be?

Hard to say. Not sure but if you've blacked out you need further evaluation with a physician asap.
Poss heart rhythm. Sometimes abnormal heart rhythms cause funny sensations (palpitations). Most of these are safe, but if you have passed out you need to see a doctor immediately.

Woke up suddenly from sleap and sat up in bed after getting chest pain, woried I might have heart problem, get these pains regularly, Indepth answer?

Sleep problems. Sleep problems like this need to be evaluated by your doctor. You may have sleep apnea and are waking up because you can't breath. This is a serious problem but it can be treated with a CPAP machine or an oral appliance made by a dentist. This is serious. Schedule an appointment ASAP.