What are the effects from Depo-Provera Medrol (methylprednisolone) + lidocaine in trigger point injections?

Quick relief. A trigger point can occur from many factors but it ends in a dysfunctional muscle fiber. The addition of Lidocaine or steroids to just the insertion of the needle into the muscle probable does not result in a better outcome. However the local anesthetic does result in immediate relief if not temporary. In my opinion steroids do not help in this situation.
Treatment. Trigger points are areas where muscles have tightened up possibly in an attempt of the body to stop a muscle or joint moving and causing pain. These muscles can then spasm painfully. The lidociane gives immediate local anesthetic pain management to the site, the steroids the provide decreased swelling and relaxation of the muscles, so that the site will get out of the vicious cycle.

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Can having sp. Injections w/ lidocaine, Depo-Provera medrol, (methylprednisolone) isovue contrast dye affect a drug urinalysis?

Urinalysis epidural. Lopimidol (isovue) is excreted through the kidneys and may elevate protein in the urine transiently, but I have not seen it show a false positive on a drug screen if that is what you are refering to.

Can you take ibupr after a Depo-Provera Medrol (methylprednisolone) injection?

Ibuprofen for Pain. Yes. Ibuprofen is a wise choice to help the injection pain lessen. No worries with this one.

I gargle with hydrogen peroxide 3% every morn. Well I accidently swallowed some today. I'm on Depo-Provera Medrol (methylprednisolone) which I started today. Will this affect it?

No, it should not. Peroxide swallowed should not affect depomedrol (methylprednisolone). It can, sometimes, take two weeks for the Depo-Provera to became effective, so use caution for the next 2 weeks, such as condoms.
No. Swallowing a small amount of hydrogen peroxide should have no ill effect. It will not interfere with the depomedrol (methylprednisolone). My question is why do you gargle with this daily? Double check if you need to do this. Ask your doctor or your dentist.
No problem. Peroxide breaks down quickly into water and hydrogen. No problem.

Is Depo-Provera Medrol (methylprednisolone) same as dexamethasone?

No. Depomedrol (methylprednisolone) is an acetylated steroid that is used for local injection and has little systemic effect. Dexamethasone (decadron) is a systemic steroid.

Y'all know the cordizolne steroid shots docs give u when u have like bronchitis well I got 5 this year how many is ok? It's Depo-Provera Medrol (methylprednisolone) 20 mg. I thk

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Not clear. I'm not sure there is a magic number but more than once or twice a year is concerning. Maybe you need to talk with your doctor about being on an inhaled steroid.
Asthma Specialist. If a person needs more than 3 treatments with cortisone-type steroids for asthma-type coughing or wheezing symptoms, he can see an asthma/allergy specialist. These specialists are sometimes lung doctors and sometimes allergy doctors. They can do lung testing and help put the person on preventive medications to try to prevent recurrent illnesses, so fewer treatments of steroids will be needed.