How I can remove acne from my face.?

Acne. First of all, cut out all nuts and peanut butter, stop eatling chocolate, and cut way down on dairy products. Wash with a scrub like neutrogena acne wash; apply a benzoyl peroxide cream or lotion morning and evening; and if doesn't show any improvement in a couple if weeks, see a dermatologist. He or she will probably prescribe an oral antibiotic for you.
A few options. For over the counter methods try using products that have benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alcohol, and acetone. For prescription treatments you may be prescribed antibiotics, retinoids or vitamin a derivatives, azelaic acid, oral contraceptives, or spironolactone. Always ask a dermatologist about the possible affects and the risks vs benefits of each treatment. Make sure it's best for you.

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How can I remove acne marks from my face? I had severe acne but that has been treated by duac gel. Now I just have the marks.

Derm consult. Very glad you got treated for the basic disease. Brown marks will fade over time. Leave them alone. It's your decision whether to keep the scars. A dermatologist can laser, abrade, fill and/or operate them. Before you decide to do this, notice how many hollywood stars have kept their scars in order to look "tough". Hoping you get what you want. Cheers. Read more...

How can I remove acne scars from my face?

You can't. Depressions from acne aren't treatable short of interventions by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist with a laser, microsurgery or filler. I'm sorry you ended up with scars from your illness being neglected, and I hope you'll stay on top of it so that new lesions do not develop. Your personal physicain is your best friend here. Read more...

Hi doctotor, how can I remove Acne scars from my face skin?

A dermatologist. One's dermatologist can examine the old scars to see what can be done. Some techniques include chemical peels to smooth out tiny defects, dermabrasion to sand the skin to become more even, and injecting fillers into some spots. Different dermatologists may use different methods, so it is fine to get opinions from two dermatologists. Read more...