I have a thymoma and I've been havin chest pain with numbness and tingling in my arms I know its not a panic attack like everyone says so what could be?

Check it out. Any chest pain should be considered a possibility of heart origin -- so make sure that it is not a coronary heart disease -- then perhaps you need another imaging study to see the size of your thymoma -- it too can cause chest discomfort and numbness to the extremities and may need to be removed -.
Thymectomy. Agree with dr. Gorenstein. It is not clear your symptoms are related to the thymoma. However, thymomas, when identified should be removed. The following links may provide more information: http://goo.Gl/mqtn1 and this one: http://goo.Gl/oetwz and this one: http://goo.Gl/yjnh5.
See a specialist. Those symptoms are unusual. Thymoma can be associated with a variety of neuromuscular disorders. You should see specialists who treat thymoma (thoracic surgeons) . Thymomas should be removed because of their malignant potential.