What does low iron mean in a blood test?

Probably anemia. When hemoglobin and hematocrit are also low, thisis called anemia, and is treated easily by takinf ferrous sulphate 5 gr. Daily for few months.

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My blood test shows Iron binding Cap (TIBC) -low 227 do u know that means & what to do for it?

May mean nothing. Lab reference ranges are set so that several percent of folks arbitrarily fall outside on either end. If iron deficiency and chronic inflammation aren't possible areas of concern, why not just watch it and be thankful otherwise for good health? Read more...

Can you please tell me what it means from my Iron Studies blood test - when my Ferritin levels are low 25 (Ref 30-300) and my Sat is high 63 (10-45)?

Repeat the tests. Any evidence of iron deficiency is very serious especially at your age even if you're not anemic. You need to be screened for GI / GU bleeding, have your diet reviewed (if you are a vegetarian, please reconsider), and have a history. There may also be a lab error. High serum Fe / sat can happen if you take a few iron pills before seeing the doctor "for your health". Read more...