I have a stuffy nose, burning eyes snd a cough what do I doo?

MaybeCold or allergy. Depends on other symptoms. ?Fever. Severity of cough...Past history..How long going on etc try saline rinses. Natural tears and see your dr if continues.
Depends on? Fever or. Any other symptoms you have...& how long they have been present. If there is no fever or "flu" like symptoms could be an allergy. If you have those other symptoms could be an upper respiratory infection. Saline nasal rinses natural tear eye drops could help either but other treatment depends on your symptoms.
Allergies or URI. Sounds like this may be allergies or a viral uri. Conjunctivitis may cause eyes to tear, burn and water, leading to stuffy nose. You may wish to try over the counter allergy drug like Claritin and zyrtec, along with a nasal anti-inflammatory like flonase. I would see your local otolaryngologist or allergist for allergy testing and definitive treatment. For conjunctivitis, see your doctor.