How to pop a boil?

Boil. Warm wet cloth to soak it for 10-15 min twice a day then take a sterile needle.
Don't. You risk infection by lancing a boil yourself. Have it treated by a medical processional.

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Do you have recommendations on how to pop a boil, to let it dry up? It's about dime-sized.

Carefully. The best time for opening a boil is when it has come to a pussy head. Warm compresses can help the boil to come to the surface, making it easier to drain. A pin or needle, cleaned well with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, could be used to puncture the pustule from the side. It's not a good idea to squeeze or poke deep (vertically) into the boil. Read more...

How can I successfully pop this boil on my chin?

Don't. You should not pop it. Warm compresses are generally best and antibiotics are warranted if they are associated with spreading redness. Read more...

How to clean a popped boil (with or without pus) at home so that it doesn't spead when a doctor is not available?

Boil. It's important to apply hot (not too hot) applications and wash the surrounding uninfected skin with rubbing alcohol to prevent the spread of the staphylococcal bacteria. You shouldn't try to drain the abscess but if drainage is needed, a physician should perform the procedure and will most likely prescribe an antibiotic as well. Read more...