How do you get rid of small birth marks their white and under your nose it kinda looks like a crown how can you get rid of it without lazer or surgery?

Maybe tattooing? Birthmarks are often considered permanent and besides make-up covering (instant change), there is much you can do without surgically removing it or less invasive method is now available by cosmetic laser procedures can help--less pain/scarring. If it is whiter than your normal skin, tattooing is also an option--must find a really good tattooing artist. Talk to your doc. Good luck.
White Birth Marks . A picture would be helpful. This could be "milia, " but without a visual it is hard to say. Milia is quite common and although they usually appear in newborns and disappear on their own, they can appear at any age. Read this about milia: http://answers.Yahoo.Com/question/index?Qid=20080520115556aauljxb. There are many possible treatments as the article addresses. Check with a dermatologist.