Stomach bloating a sign of hep c?

Not usually. The most common signs of hepatitis C are none, since it usually does not cause symptoms. When it does, they are more related to the liver, Jaundice or severe fatigue being the two most common. People usually do not get abdominal bloating with hepatitis C. If you think you have hepatitis C, get tested. There are cures now..
Probably not. Everyone born from 1945 through 1965 needs at least one test for hepatitis c antibody, so if you haven't been tested yet, ask your doctor. Hcv can cause many vague symptoms like fatigue, abdominal discomfort , poor concentration, depression, joint aches, or just feeling poorly. But, lots of other conditions can cause similar symptoms. It is best to just get tested.
Unlikely. The only connection i can think of would be advanced hepatits c with cirrhosis and the bloating would be ascites (fluid in the abdomen due to scarring in the liver).