My blood pressure is 90/140?

That is a big. Problem as your blood would be going backwards. I assume you mean 140/90 which would be high enough to consider interventions ie weight loss exercise and consideration for medical management.

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From 1month my blood pressure always remains 140/90 not taken any medicine ever for bp. Is it ok?

Borderline. Recommend you consult your physician, but the current recommendations are to treat BP of 140/90 or greater unless you are a high risk group (diabetic or vascular disease). You might consider exercise, weight loss and low salt diet. I would be ok with this bo for several months while you attempt these lifestyle modification efforts, but not much longerremember a normal bo is really 120/80 or less.

M south indian. Can continous anxiety and OCD thoughts increase my blood pressure-140/90? Taking tablets for b.P at 28 doesn't seem a good idea to me?

Please don't change. Your meds w/out speaking to your doctor. Ocd can stress a person and contribute to high bp. I see that you are on a med for ocd. Add a psychologist or psychiatrist to your support team and you will have more complete help. Peace and good health.
Stress ; BP. Stress can raise BP and relaxation techniques and meditation can lower bp. But do not stop your BP medication.

My blood pressure has been 140/90 for two years. Had a lot of test and it will not go down with medication could this be affecting my airway when I sleep?

It has to go down. At 42, BP of 140/90 is not normal, now great medications are available, there nothing like ' it will not go down ' It has to to, prevent complication from hypertension. Avoid salt, do regular exercises, reduce weight if it is a problem, you air way problem could be due to this not B P. Speak to your doctor may switch medications.

Yesterday At check up my blood pressure was 140 over 90. Was very worked up before they read it. Today it was 120 over 66. 24 yr old female. Bad?

Blood pressure is. Subject to change. I am a psychiatrist and when my patients are upset - sometimes blood pressure can be quite elevated. I usually recheck it before they leave to ensure that it has gone back down.