What can I do about neck pain thats been lasting about a week now? I've tried heat pads and ice and even hotcold gel? Nothing seems to work

Ibuprofen. Try some ibuprofen, up to 800 mg three times a day. Often that will help with the pain.
More specific? You tagged "amphetamines"... Neck pain can be due to cardiac ischemia. This means not enough blood flow is getting to the heart, and amphetamines could be worsening this. Especially if exertion worsens the pain, an ECG (electrocardiograph) should be done to make sure the heart is okay.
Time to see doc. Mild, benign causes of neck pain will usually resolve in a week or two. Does the pain travel into your arm(s)? You might be dealing with underlying arthritic changes or disc issues. You need to see your doc and discribe your symptoms so they can work you up and find the cause so an accurate treatment plan can be developed.