What is the best way to get rid of a ingrown toenail?

Soaking. You can try soaking your toe in a warm epsom salt solution to soften it. Make sure you clean and dry it well. In many cases that will help, but often you may need to get it treated by a podiatrist. What you should not do is try to cut it out yourself. Ingrown toenails are easily infected, so if you notice it red, swollen, or giving off a discharge you need to see a doctor.
Seeing a doctor. Ingrown toenails generally do not respond well to home remedies. The best way to get rid of an ingrown toenail is to see your doctor or podiatrist for a simple, in-office procedure to remove that portion of the nail.
In office procedure. Ingrown toenails are easily resolved via an in office procedure where the toe in numbed and the offending borders removed. In some cases a permanent correction can be performed.