What does it mean when your white blood count and red blood count is high?

Infection/dehydratio. White blood cells (WBC) are those cells that help fight off infection. The most common reason for an increase is infection, but could indicate a drug reaction, or even some cancers. High red blood cell (rbc) are the cells that carry oxygen to/carbon dioxide from your bodies tissues. High count could be dehydration, heart disease, or low oxygen levels in blood. A doctor can interpret results.

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I am a 31 yo female. My WBC was 19 and my RBC was 3.1 (iron level 8.2). What does it mean to have a high white blood count and a low red blood count?

D/w your doctor. How is your period? Is it heavy? What is your ferritin? Hemoglobin? You should see your doctor and discuss with your doctor about your blood work result. You are anemic and your serum iron is low. You may have an iron deficiency anemia which is related to your heavy cycle perhaps vs other kind of anemia. Wbc can be elevated in different settings-like bleeding, infection, inflammation, cancer etc. Read more...

What do both high red and white blood count levels along with low MCH levels and high absolute Neutrophil levels mean on a CBC lab test?

Can't tell. without more information. Discuss this with your physician to interpret how this fits with your symptoms, physical findings, known conditions, etc. Good luck1. Read more...