Why is baby born with addison disease?

Genetic causes. Sorry to hear your baby has addison's. There are several different forms, some more serious than others, & the cause depends on what type of addison's, but generally it is caused by genetic problems from one or both parents or a genetic mutation that occurred early in development. Though the language is rather technical, see http://emedicine.Medscape.Com/article/919077-overview#aw2aab6b2b3aa.

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Why is fourth baby born with addison disease and other children healthy, ?

Genetic differences. Every child is different- so one may have blue eyes, the another brown, some tall, some short etc. A baby with addison's has a genetic cause- it got genes that the others didn't or had a mutation early in its development. There are many forms of addison's; some are relatively easy to treat, so i hope your baby's form is one of less serious forms. President kennedy & other notables had addison's. Read more...