What is the best way to get rid of body fat without having surgery or taking a lot of pills?

Many. You need a prudent low fat diet high in complex carbohydratres and moderate protein with a daily exercise program that builds muscle and reduces fat. See a nutritionist, a certified personal trainer and get clearance from your pcp if you are over 30 or or not in good general health. Don't do low or very low calorie diets or other trendy things. Cutting back 500 cal/day = 26 # loss/year.
Increase activity. For most people, adding moderate exercise such as a daily 30 minute walk or jog will result in slow, sustainable weight loss while building lean body mass. Along with this, try to eliminate high-calorie beverages and substitute water. This combination often results in a difference of 500 calories daily, which adds up to a pound a week.