Tell me about knee replacement surgetu?

Life Changing. If you have a bona fide need for replacement and have seen a reputable orthopedist, this surgery can change your life. You will have <1 week in the hospital, perhaps a week in rehab if any, and will have 2-6 weeks of rehabilitation to go through pending any complicaitons, your general health and condition. You will have some pain, stiffness and muscle atrophy, thus the therapy. Ask a lot of ?'s.
Okay. Knee replacement surgery is performed for the diagnosis of arthritis. It is a very successful surgery if done for the correct reasons. It is necessary to have a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon to determine who is an appropriate candidate for this surgery.
Knee replacement. Perhaps the one surgical procedure that can most improve quality of life. Resurfacing of the femur, tibia, and patella to remove arthritis.

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Please tell me how long it takes for to get in and out of bed by yourself after a knee replacement?

2 days. Most patients are able to get in and out of bed by themselves within 2 days after knee replacement. Obesity and other health factors may affect this. The key is the return of quadriceps function and the ability to raise the leg up off the bed. Exercises to regain that strength will help. Read more...

Could you tell me what is the youngest possible age for total knee replacement?

Age for TKR. While we generally don't like to do knee replacement surgery in young patients sometimes there is no other choice. I have had 16 year olds undergo successful, long-lasting surgery with me for less common conditions such as juvenille rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, or avascular necrosis. Sometimes young patient are candidates for other types of arthroplasty procedures as well. Read more...