How to treat a sabacous cyst?

Excision. Excision is best. The cyst can continue to grow or may become infected otherwise.
Take it out. Cebaceous cycts are benign conditions that rarely go away by themselves. They usually get biggar and occasionally they get infected. I think the best treatment is to remove them surgically.
Usually excision. Although heating pads ANS antibiotics may calm them down the only definitive care is cutting out the cyst.
Excise it. A sebaceous cyst is an oil gland in the skin which is obstructed and over time the lining of the gland shed and accumulate to form a sack like collection containing white paste like material. Because it is connected to the skin, a small ellipse of skin must be removed to decrease chance of recurrence, untreated cysts can become infected and cause significant scarring.
Excison. Sebaceous cysts usually require excision to remove and decrease the chance of recurrence as the wall of the cyst must be removed in addition to the contents.