Why is it when I start coughing I can't stop and it makes me get sick also I can't seem to catch my breath? Its really scary

Several things. Could be asthma. You could be having an asthma attack even if you've never been diagnosed with asthma before. It could also be gerd, which can happen "silently" without heart burn. The stomach acid can drain down your airway into your lungs, causing asthma-like symptoms like you described. If you have had a recent cold, this could be bronchitis. Lots of possibilities. See your doc right away.
See your doctor... Shortness of breath is a serious, potentially life-threatening symptom that always needs a doctor evaluation. If it is severe as you describe, you need an evaluation asap so go to an er if you can't see your doctor quickly. You could be experiencing severe bronchospasm and this can be treated with inhalers or even IV meds if severe. There are other possibilities but you need a doctor asap, today!