Gma- 95 healthy, beat breast cancer last year. Today went to doc for pain in leg they believe its bone marrow cancer. What are her chances at survial?

Depends. Do you actually have a biopsy diagnosis or is the leg pain only thought to have a possible cause from "cancer." would need much more information, biopsy and radiology results, etc. It is very didifficult to speculate without accurate detailed information. Her doctor would have much more information to be able to give you accurate information.
Depends. Metastatic carcinoma portends a poor prognosis, typically. There are a couple of possibilities such as a plasmacytoma/multiple myeloma or metastatic disease would be the most likely diagnoses in this age group, if cancer at all, the latter being more common. If it is, a discussion should determine if she even wants chemo at all, as most regimens are very difficult to endure and she may not want it.
Not good. Sorry 2 hear this dx. There r most likely more areas involved. A bone scan will show if there are more areas involved.

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