Mcv 98, MCH 32.1, rdw-cv 12.6, RBC 4.42 hgb 14.2, WBC 5.8, B12 1106, folate (folic acid) 19.9, iron 80. Liver, kidney tests normal, take supplements with folate (folic acid), b12. Cut back? 59 yo female.

Yes. Cut back on B12 and folate (folic acid). I wonder what your lipid levels are. Keep current on your mammogram DEXA paps smear .Give us feedback . Take care.
Lab results. CBC looks good. B12, folate, (folic acid) & iron r high. May want to taper back on vitamin b supplements as well as iron. Concern with iron overload is possible deposition in organs. Discuss these values with pcp to see what approach s/he wishes to follow.