Propranolol (40 mg pd, no bradycardia up to 40mg.)didn't really reduced my agitation, any alternative medicine? (together with sertraline&bupropion).Tnx

Some options. If you have not tried therapy/counseling yet, that would be my first recommendation. Looking at diet and reducing stimulants could help. Good sleep, exercise, yoga & meditation can help some people. Short term use of Lorazepam can help. Clonidine might help. You didn't mention dose of wellbutrin, (bupropion) but it can be "activating" and cause akathisia in some. Review doses and symptoms with doc.
Agitation. Presumably you got sertraline and buproprion from a psychiatrist. You should consult with that specialist about your agitation.
Visit your Dr again. You should look for re evaluation at your dr asap to find more help.