Severe sciatic leg pain 3 mths, stretching an pt bring on severe low back pain, just got cortisone shot, waiting 4 relief, can I still avoid surgery?

Potentially. The majority of caes of sciatica will resolve over time or respond to nonoperative care. It also depends in part on the cause of the sciatica. For example, a disc herniation will heal but a bone spur does not. Among the strongest nonoperative interventions are usually done by an interventional spine specialist and include a nerve root block for sciatica. Thank you for your question.
Psoosibly! I you have true L5 or s1 pain without numbness, absolutely. Numbess is next in likelyhood, and if you hve musclar weakness, or foot drop, even surgically prognosis is poorer. Paraxically, the most minimal nerve compression gets the external non-myelentated nerve fibers, ie the least compression. But if you elect not to have surgery, I recommend schwinn -airdyne works and epidural blocks.