Is 103.7 temperature bad for a 4 year old?

S/he look okay? The height of the fever is not as important as the duration, response to antipyretics (tylenol, motrin), and how the child appears. I tend to be more worried about a baby with a temp of 101 who looks ill, than one with a temp of 104 (responding to medication down to 101) who is playful or appears a little more perky. Over 3 days of fever or a temperature above 105 should prompt a call or visit.
Sugn of infection. This temperature is a sign of either a viral or bacterial infection. It is particularly bad if it does not respond to tylenol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen. It is important that the child drinks lots of fluids and be seen emergently if he cannot or the temperature will not come down. Call his or her doctor if they are mire ill appearing.