I had a medial malleolus fracture 2 weeks ago and my doctor told me I need screws. How long will it take for me to walk painless without crutches?

Varies. It varies somewhat based upon the individual, but most of the time the fracture will heal in 6-8 weeks allowing full weight bearing. A full recovery with no pain or limp is about the 12week assuming you have a good result. Stay away frm nicotine and antiinflammatories, both of which can delay bone healing. Thank you for the question.
Ankle. Healing time is usually 6-8 weeks but to give a specific answer is difficult because everyone heals a different rate. I tell my patients expect many months before " feeling normal".
6 weeks. Generally fractures take 6 weeks to heal, normally you are kepy non weight bearing until the fractures are healed.