What type of doctor should I see for a ganglion cyst?

Where. Depends on what the site is. For example if the ganglion is on the hand or wrist you might consider a hand surgeon. If the cyst is on the foot or ankle you might consider a podiatrist or a foot/ankle orthopedist. Whatever your choice, you should look for a physician board certified in their specialty that routinely treats the condition conservatively and surgically.
Surgeon. A variety of surgeons can take care of a ganglion cyst, general surgeon for adult, pediatric surgeon for a child, orthopedic surgeon, or a hand surgeon.
Several. Ganglion cyst is a rupture of the synovial capsule between small bones, usually in the wrist, but can also occur in the ankle. Pediatric surgeons (if the patients is a child), orthopedic or hand surgeons can take care of this problem.

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What type of doctor should you see for a ganglion cyst?

Hand Surgeon. A hand surgeon is best trained to drain or remove a ganglion cyst of the hand or wrist.
Surgeon. General surgeon or hand surgeon depending on the location.

Reoccurring ganglion cyst what would a doctor reccomend?

Ganglion cyst. Usually on the dorsal surface of the wrist. In the "old" days used to smash it with a Bible. There is a high recurrence risk. So I would go to a hand orthopedist who might open up the wrist and excise that part of the tendon sheath.
Orthopedic Dr. There are not many problems associated with the wrists short of bony abnormalities. One common problem that can occur at the level of the wrists or coming from any joint is called a ganglion cyst. Ganglion cysts are not usually associated with much pain or discomfort until they become large. They extends from the joint space. It's, like blowing up a tiny balloon from between your knuckles. These often bust when a person bumps them. They will reoccur unless they are surgically tied off. I suggest you see an orthopedic surgeon to further assess and evaluate.
Recurrent ganglions. That are problematic can be excised. The key word is problematic as they are benign and not harmful and if there are no issues, no pain, no nerve irritation, no discomfort, having a ganglion is not a reason to need surgery. Having a ganglion that bothers you can be a reason to have surgical excision, but many have ganglions that are not symptom causing and have them for years.

I had a ganglion cyst pressed on & popped by my doc a few weeks ago. I have INTENSE sharp pain and feels as though I slept on it wrong, why?

Nerve ending trauma? Sometimes compression/pressure can get the cyst to resolve, but there is a risk of trauma to the nerve endings, particularly if the cyst "pops, " as yours did. This could result in the intense pain you describe. Other approaches that have been used to treat ganglion cysts include aspiration, which has a risk of occurrence, and surgery, which can provide definitive care. Hope you feel better soon.

When must I call my doctor if I have ganglion cyst pain?

When? When you've had enough of the pain. Should always consider getting evaluated to be sure that nothing more sinister is causing the pain.
Be sure its a gang. A ganglion is a benign outpouching of fluid from a joint. There are many other 'lumps ' that can form over joints so get checked. However regarding the ganglion, if it interfers with your ability to peform activiies, or your ability to wear socks, gloves or hurts, get it checked.
Depends. Depends on the level of pain. If it occurs frequently and is unrelenting and you cannot live with it see your doctor.

Is it possible to recover fast after a wrist ganglion cyst removal while typing 14 hours per day 6 days per week?

No. You will need to rest your wrist for 2-6 weeks after cyst excision. There is a risk that the cyst will recur.
Lot of typing. Yes will recover like any one else with in few few wks of time, but you can not type! 4 hrs a day for 6 days a wk is lot of typing, that is too much stress on wrist joint.

I had a ganglion cyst pressed on & popped by my doc a few weeks ago. I have INTENSE sharp pain now and feels as though I slept wrong on it. Why?

Ganglion returning. When the ganglion pops it does not eliminate the root. If it hurt it usually means that the ganglion is regrowing but not visible. The pain is from pressure. See a Hand surgeon.
See hand surgeon. Pain due to leaking synovial fluid from inside cyst. Need to have cyst remnants excised.

What kind of doctor do I need to remove a ganglion cyst from my finger?

Hand surgeon. I would recommend an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in the hand due to the delicate and detailed nature of hand anatomy.

What to do if I have a ganglion cyst on the top side of my wrist. Two weeks ago I wentto the doctor?

Symptomatic? If not symptomatic then this requires no treatment. If the ganglion is symptomatic then surgical excision is usually indicated. Aspiration can be attempted but the success rate is poor. Steroid injection is not! Indicated. If painful see a hand surgeon.