When eve I am constipated I get very very severe headaches? N I often get constipated. .

Treat constipation. Sometimes folks report headaches with constipation. I would recommend first getting a handle on the constipation and see if your headaches don't resolve once you're more regular again. The first place to start is eating a healthy, balance diet with plenty of fiber. See your dr. For more specific help and advice on evaluating headaches, using laxatives, and maybe prescription meds for constipation.
Many times. Constipation is due to dehydration or not drinking adequate fluids or excessive caffeine or alcohol dehydration can also cause severe headaches. Try drinking 80-100 ounces of caffeine free/alcohol free fluid daily for at least 2 weeks and see if both the diarrhea and constipation improve. If they do, then maintain that level of fluid intake indefinitely. It really does work.