I have a itchy feeling all over especially on wrists, hands creases in arms upper thighs chest, lower neck could it be hives?

No rash? No hives. Most common reason for itching without a rash? Dry skin. Skin not dry? Liver, kidney, thyroid, and parathyroid disease - including thyroid & parathyroid cancers - cause itching without rash. Lastly, eczema is called "the itch that rashes" meaning intense itching leads to scratching resulting in a chronic rash. The places where you itch are typical areas for eczema. Time to see your doctor? Yes.
Itch. Hives are red, raised, very itchy welts that can appear anywhere on the body. One important thing is to see if anybody else in your household has the same problem, then it might be an infestation as opposed to hives. I would consider seeing your primary care doctor to see if an initial treatment works or if any recommendations can be made.