Had TMJ for just over two years. Worst symptom is stiffness in front of ear is it realistic to expect it to resolve, does it just take a long time?

Depends. Depends on many factors. See a TMJ expert, in this case an oral surgeon who will give you options.
Long term problem. Tmj is a frustrating problem that can cause a variety of symptoms. It is multifactorial and often we are left treating symptoms rather than the underlying issue. If the problem is mostly stiffness, I have found that specialized physical therapy gives tremendous relief.
See OFP specialist. Orofacial Pain provides diagnosis and management of pain in the face, TMJ disorders, locking jaw as well as, associated headaches and neck pain. They are the experts in this field. Good luck.
Need a diagnosis. The solution to this relies on a clear understanding of the specific problem. Imaging, history, and clinical evaluation should get you on the pathway to an eventual solution. Modalities may involve therapy as mentioned, bite splints, or even possibly surgery. Go to a tmd focused dentist and try to get a better understanding of your problem.
TMJ? Sounds like tmj. You should have it evaluated and be given options for treatment including physical therapy or a bite guard. It will probably not resolve on its own.