If I am pregnant why isn't my breast swelling and why am I not having morning sickness?

It is a Big "IF" Are you confirmed? If yes, not to worry. Some women may not present typically. Just be sure you have prenatal care and follow through with your obstetrician throughout your whole pregnancy and after .Good luck!

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I have all the pregnancy symptoms & have done 2 tests both coming back negative why is this when I have sore/swollen breasts and morning sickness etc?

Depends on timing. If you performed the 2 pregnancy tests BEFORE you actually missed your first period after having relations or after ovulation then, the tests would likely be negative. You should wait until you miss your period. Symptoms of being pregnant can be symptoms of a thousand other problems as well. If you've definitely missed your period and you are REGULAR then, you may wish to see your OB/GYN doc. Read more...