I have fibroids and my doctor will not remove them what can I do?

Indication important. Just because one has fibroids does not automatically necessitate removal. It depends on whether the fibroid is causing symptoms (e.g. Pain, heavy bleeding, infertility, pelvic pressure, contstipation, etc.) and the symptoms are persistent even with nonsurgical interventions. If you believe this to be the case, seek for another fyn to help explain why it is or isn't appropriate to have it removed.
Get a second opinion. Sometimes fibroids don't need to be removed. Sometimes there is a good reason to remove them. It depends on the size, location, your symptoms, fertility, etc. So when you have a question like that it is never a bad idea to just get a different perspective.
Depends. Depending on the location of fibroids, many physicians would recommend removal to improve pregnancy rates and decrease pregnancy complications. If you have infertility; 12 mod of unprotect intercourse, this may be important. We have an aggressive outpatient surgery program for fibroids using laparoscopy allowing for quick recovery. Not all fibroids need removal however.